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Twin Screw For Animal Food Extruder

Twin Screw For Animal Food Extruder

quality screw and barrel for twin screw extruder,puffed food machine,pet food extrusion process,extruder, double screw extruder; product kinds of pet food, animal food, fish feed, turtle feed, pig feed etc.

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Kalshine provide high quality screw, shaft and barrel for Animal Food Extruder & Pet Food Extrusion Process machinery. Applications include:

1 Puffed Food Machine

2 Pet Food Extruder

3 Cat Food Extruder

4 Turtle feed extruder

5 Aquatic Feed Extruder

6 Fish feed Production Lines

7 Rabbit Feed Extruder

8 pig feed production equipment

Provides spare parts, maintenance and repair, consulting, and training services.

Material of Screw:

C12MoV, D2, 304,316L stainless steel, PH stainless steel, H-C stainless steel etc.

Parameter of Screw:

Material requirements: Compliance Standard (EU) 10-2011

Surface roughness: Ra < 0.4 um

Straightness/M: Level 7, GB/T1184-1996

Kalshine provides you with wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, low kneading screw for your choice. Please contact the following email for details.

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