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Corrosion Resistant Twin Screw

Corrosion Resistant Twin Screw

Twin-screw extruder, single-screw extruder, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant,fluoroplastic, for halogen-free flame-retardant cross-linked cable granulation,

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Corrosion resistant twin screw

In the production of wires and cables, commonly used fluoroplastics are PTFE, FEP, PVDF, ETFE which are used to manufacture various heat-resistant and high-temperature insulated wires, well cables, geological exploration cables heating cables, F and H class motor leads, radiation-resistant wires, electromagnetic wires, radio frequency coaxial cables, etc.

Fluoroplastics twin-screw extruder

We provide super corrosion resistant screw for the production of this fluoroplastics.

We can also make some wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant coating processes for surface treatment of single screw.

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