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What Is The Plastic Granulator Extrusion Cycle? Apr 25, 2018

The so-called extrusion molding cycle refers to the total time required for a plastic granulator to complete a plastic part. In an extrusion cycle, the extruder's extrusion device and the moving parts of the clamping device are sequentially actuated in a predetermined sequence. In order to facilitate the analysis of the extrusion process, the molding cycle can be divided into two parts: the molding operation phase and the auxiliary operation phase.
(1) Extrusion molding operation phase Extrusion molding operation phase refers to the total time required for the molten material to enter the mold, fill the mold cavity, and condense in the mold cavity. Since the styling and shaping are all performed in a closed cavity, the extrusion molding time should be included within the time the mold is locked.
(2) Auxiliary operation phase The auxiliary operation phase is all operations except the molding operation phase, and usually includes the opening and closing of the mold, the placement of the insert, the release of the mold release agent, and the removal of the product. Since the molding and shaping of the plastic part are all closed Mold cavity, so the molding time should be included in the mold locking time, and the moving parts of the operation time and auxiliary operation time should be included in the mold opening time.