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No.199, East Mufu Road, Gulou District, Nanjing, China.

Classification of plastic materials Jan 11, 2018

General Plastic Materials: ABS high rubber powder Adpoly as (SAN) CA CAB EAA EVA gpps HDPE HIPS LLDPE MBS MS mvldpe (metallocene) PP PVC.

Engineering Plastics raw Materials: COC K (Q) gum LCP pa/abs PA46 PA6 pa6/66 PA612 PA66 PBT PC abs PC/PBT pc/pet PEEK PEI PET PETG PMMA POM PPA PPE PPO PPS. Thermoplastic elastomer Material: CPE POE SBR SBS SEBS SIS TPE TPEE TPO TPR tpsiv TPU TPV TPX.

Thermosetting Plastic raw materials: EP PU Bakelite powder electric jade powder.